International Nonviolence calls for England and the United States to cancel arms deals with Saudi Arabia

The International Nonviolence Organization has expressed its deep displeasure at the violation by the British and US governments of international conventions and agreements on human rights through the conclusion of bilateral agreements on the export of arms to the Saudi state, which faces many evidence of its involvement in the use of weapons against unarmed civilians in Yemen.

Anti-Muslim sentiment higher in Quebec than rest of Canada

Even though Quebec politicians routinely claim otherwise, a recent study suggests Islamophobia is widespread in Quebec and more prevalent than elsewhere in Canada. The study, published in the current issue of the Canadian Review of Sociology, also found that Muslims were the social group that, across the country, Canadians liked the least. Whites, Catholics, Indigenous people, and racial minorities all received higher average scores than Muslims when Canadians were asked to assign a score between zero and 100 to their feelings about these groups. Muslims received the lowest average score, 56, in Quebec. The next lowest was 67, in the Prairies. British Columbians had the most favourable view of Muslims, with an average score of 77.

700 cases of enforced disappearances from Pakistan pending with UN: AI

The Amnesty International has demanded Pakistan to resolve hundreds of cases of enforced disappearances as the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted on Monday the outcome of the Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan. Many innocent Shia Muslims have also been subjected to enforced disappearance.

India confirms death of 39 men kidnapped by Isis in Iraq in 2014

India says 39 of its citizens who were kidnapped by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq in 2014 have been confirmed dead after remains recovered from a mass grave outside Mosul were DNA tested. The Indian external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj, told parliament that tests had shown a match with the construction workers, who disappeared in June 2014 when the city fell to Isis. “With full proof I can say these 39 are dead,” Swaraj said on Tuesday. India had maintained that at least some of the hostages could still be alive – contrary to the testimony of one survivor – and had said it would not announce their deaths without concrete evidence. Swaraj said ID cards, long hair and the kada bracelets traditionally worn by Sikh men were recovered from the grave of the workers, who mostly hailed from Punjab state. The bodies were found near Badush, a village about 10km from the construction site where the men were snatched. Isis has been accused of executing at least 500 inmates from a prison in the same area in June 2014.

Mosque finally approved in US city after Muslim group sues

A US city finally gave approval for the construction of a mosque in the state of New Jersey, ending a saga that started last year when the local government rejected the effort and a group of Muslims sued in response.

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