Title Published Date
Iraqi Foreign Ministry urges Europe to reject the decision to include Iraq in the list of high-risk countries 08 July 2020
Pew Research Center: Muslim population in Europe will soar in the coming decades 04 June 2020
Europe’s first eco-friendly mosque opens doors to visitors 03 December 2019
Police find 41 migrants alive in refrigerated truck in Greece 05 November 2019
Europe's oldest mosque may be buried underground in this Visigothic City 22 June 2019
Europe’s First Eco-friendly Mosque 10 June 2019
Quran competition held in Switzerland 10 June 2019
The Delegation of the European Union of the WALADU program visits the al-Kafeel Museum 16 March 2019
Shia community in Europe stood in solidarity with butchered Shia child 17 February 2019
Athens 1st mosque to be inaugurated in March: official 19 January 2019
Germany to host ‘Abu-al-Fadhl Abbas cultural week 03 October 2018
Prominent figures attend mourning ceremonies in Husseiniyat Rasool al-Adham 17 September 2018
Netherland’s anti-Islam cartoon contest riles Muslims 27 August 2018
Hungary passes 'Stop Soros' law banning help for migrants 21 June 2018
Muslims to make up 8% of Europe population in 2030 13 May 2018
Quranic course concludes in the Hague 12 May 2018
Afghanistan’s poverty rate rises as economy suffers 08 May 2018
German minister’s Islam comments criticized 19 March 2018
Mosques in Britain, Ireland turn into shelters for homeless 05 March 2018
An Islamic Science Exhibition in India’s Hyderabad has been organized 27 February 2018


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