Title Published Date
Asylum seekers launch hunger strike at Australian detention center 10 January 2019
Arson squad investigate suspicious fire at Australia mosque 26 August 2018
Australia pledges $3.6m in drought relief aid 21 July 2018
Exhibition about Islamic Culture at national museum of Australia 21 April 2018
Australian woman embraces Shiism at Imam Ali's Holy Shrine 11 April 2018
New Australian ambassador in Iraq visits Imam Ali Holy Shrine 08 April 2018
Islamophobia growing in Australia; anti-Islam sentiment on rise 22 January 2018
Free Muslim appeals to the Australian government to rescue Iraqi refugees 21 November 2017
Shia groups gather in Melbourne for Eid al-Ghadir. 14 September 2017
Australian far-right nationalists found guilty of inciting serious contempt for Muslims 06 September 2017
Australia investigates alleged war crimes by soldiers in Afghanistan 03 September 2017
Three charged over Australia 'ISIS-inspired' Shia mosque arson 21 August 2017
Pig's Head Left Outside Muslim School in Brisbane, Australia 19 July 2017
Muslim women wearing hijabs most at risk of Islamophobic attacks in Australia 10 July 2017
Australian Government backs new Indonesian 'halal law' 16 March 2017
Photo: Mourning ceremony marking Lady Umm ul-Banin's death anniversary in Australia 12 March 2017
South Australia pulls funding for Islamic school 18 February 2017
Islamic dress business is growing - despite growing calls to ban the burqa 16 February 2017
Memorials of Bahraini Martyrs in Australia 21 January 2017
Shia Rights Watch condemns terrorist attacks against Imam Ali Islamic Center 12 December 2016

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