The Holy Quran burned again in Malmö and Swedish police searching for the perpetrators

The Swedish police announced that they had received information that people burned a copy of the Quran again in the suburb of Rosengjord in Malmö, the southernmost city of Sweden.

Malmö Police spokesman Jimmy Modin said that several patrols are working on the case and are looking for the perpetrators.

According to the SVT website, eyewitnesses said that those who burned the Quran were expelled, and that their car window was smashed, while the Swedish police confirmed that they had a good picture of what happened, and surveillance cameras in the area filmed the operation.

According to the Swedish TV correspondent, “About 30 people performed the prayer near the place where the Quran was burned, but the situation was very calm in the area, as police spoke with the residents to find out more details and information.”

The city of Malmö, in southern Sweden, witnessed, at the end of last August, violent protests and riots after members of the Danish far-right party planned to burn the Holy Quran.


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