Coronavirus: Muslims angry at ‘lack of communication’ over rule changes during Eid

Many Muslims who were looking forward to celebrating Eid are angry at the timing of the Government’s announcement to impose restrictions in parts of northern England.

Millions across Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and West Yorkshire were last night banned from meeting indoors amid fears of a “damaging second wave” of Covid-19 hitting the UK.

The Government’s actions have been branded “shambolic”, after people were given less than three hours’ notice of the change, with Muslims having to cancel plans to celebrate the festival of Eid-Ul-Adha – which began on Friday and finishes on Monday – at the last minute.

The British Council of Muslims criticized the Government’s “failure to communicate” and in a statement, it said: “With the first day of Eid being today, for Muslims in the affected areas, it is like being told they cannot visit family and friends for Christmas on Christmas Eve itself.

“Whilst the safety of communities is of paramount importance, so is effective communication delivered in a timely fashion.

“Failure to communicate makes it difficult for communities across the country to continue working together to minimize the spread of the virus, whilst eroding trust in the ability of authorities to steer our course as we tackle the Covid-19 crisis.”


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