Iraqi Defense Ministry announces killing of four terrorists and the destruction of nine hideouts in Diyala

The Command of the Iraqi Army’s Fifth Division announced the end of the Black Warfare Operation in northeastern Diyala a week after its launch, noting that terrorists had been killed and hideouts had been destroyed during the operation.

The division's media director, Lt. Col. Ali al-Qaisi, said that the Black Warfare Military Operation was launched north of al-Muqdadiya district (40 km northeast of Baquba) in Al-Douri and Al-Asyud orchards under the supervision of the Fifth Division commander, Brigadier General Abdul Karim Hussein Yusef, with the participation of the 74th and 24th Brigades of the PMU.  

He added that four terrorists had been killed, nine hideouts had been destroyed and 30 explosive devices had been dismantled. 

He pointed out that the operation aims to pave the way for the return of more than 400 displaced families to their homes.

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