Woman martyred in IED explosion in Diyala

The director of the Abu Saida district in the Iraqi province of Diyala, Abdullah Al-Hayali, announced on Sunday that a woman was martyred in an IED explosion in Hawdh al-Waqf, east of the district.

Al-Hayali said in a statement that a woman in her sixties embraced martyrdom after an IED blew up in the orchards of Al-Mukhisa village in the Hawdh al-Waqf, east of Abi Saida (25 km northeast of Baquba).

Al-Hayali added that the woman had returned with her family two months ago after being displaced for several months, stressing that a security team from the police had started an investigation into the circumstances of the crime.

The village of Al- Mukhisa was completely displaced last year due to ISIS terrorist attacks.


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