Saudi Arabia continues seizure of 16 Yemeni ships in Hodeidah port

A report issued by the naval operations in the Yemeni port of Hodeidah confirmed that the battleships of the Saudi coalition are still holding 16 Yemeni ships at sea.

The report pointed out that among the seized ships were 10 petroleum with a load of 273,330 tons of diesel and petroleum, and a gas ship of 8,500 tons, 4 food ships carrying about 71,173 tons of flour and corn, in addition to a commercial ship carrying 30 thousand tons of various electrical devices.

The seizure of the ships at the Hodeidah port comes despite Yemen obtaining United Nations permits and fulfilling inspection procedures. 

Saudi Arabia looks to further narrow cracking down on citizens and increasing their suffering in light of the urgent need for food and oil supplies, not to mention the economic burdens.

The report stressed the importance of the international community, including the United Nations and the European Union, assuming responsibility for neutralizing the national economy and stopping the obstacles imposed by the Saudi coalition on the various imports and goods arriving in the ports of Hodeidah, which is the only channel to supply more than twenty million Yemenis with food, medicine and fuel, pointing to the need to release seized ships urgently and unload their cargo in the port of Hodeidah.


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