Iraq prevents Chinese workers from leaving its territories because of coronavirus

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Iraq stressed the need to develop a legal formula obligating the Chinese workers in the oil fields not to leave the country, to ensure their safety from infection with the coronavirus.

In the ministry’s statement, the Minister of Labor, Bassem Abdel-Zaman, confirmed during his meeting with Major General Nashaat Al-Khafaji, and the Director of Residence at the Ministry of Interior, the necessity of developing a legal formula that obliges Chinese workers in oil fields not to leave the country for their own safety and the safety of Iraqi citizens from infection with the coronavirus.

He added, "The meeting agreed to set up a workshop that includes all parties to come up with recommendations that guarantee the safety of all."

The Baghdad Health Department confirmed last Saturday, the safety of all Iraqis returning from the Chinese city of Wuhan infested with the coronavirus, and the end of the quarantine period that they were subjected to upon their return to the country. 



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