WHO considers coronavirus top enemy of mankind


The World Health Organization, today, Wednesday, warned of the speed of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, is making it become the number one enemy of mankind.

"If the world does not want to wake up and considers the virus the number one enemy of mankind, then I think we will not learn from our lessons, we are still in the containment strategy and we should not allow the virus to be transmitted at the local level," said WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

He indicated that it was agreed to name the disease that is caused by the virus "Covid-19".

The move came after researchers called for an agreement on an official name of the disease to avoid dispersion or branding any country or group of people, according to what the BBC reported.

"We had to name a disease that does not refer to a geographical area, an animal, a specific person or group of people, and at the same time easy to pronounce and related to the virus," said the director of the organization.

He stressed that the presence of a specific name of the disease prevents the use of other names that may be inaccurate or stigmatizing people or countries, as well as making it easier for specialists to indicate the disease in the future.

The Chinese authorities announced today, Wednesday, that the new coronavirus has killed 1113 people across the country.


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