Call on Bahrain to investigate crimes of torture and ill-treatment

Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain called on the Bahraini authorities to investigate all crimes of torture and ill-treatment, with the aim of holding perpetrators accountable.

The organization also called on the Bahraini authorities to release Aqil Hassan Abdel Nabi in light of his unfair trial and in light of his health.

Aqil Hassan Abdel Nabi is 35 years old and is currently in Jaw prison, where he is beaten, threatened and denied the necessary medical care, and he suffers from epileptic seizures, sometimes exacerbated by pressure and stress. Abdel Nabi has been arrested several times.

Aqil was previously arrested in February 2012 on charges of fabricating a fire, but he was released six weeks later because of his health. Aqil's family's house was raided 27 times, as the authorities were searching for his brother. During those raids in which force was used, officers often threatened or intimidated Aqil, which exacerbated his health, and in some cases suffered neurological attacks as a result.


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