World Nonviolence Organization calls on participants in the Davos Forum to focus on global development issues

The World Nonviolence Organization called on participants in the Davos Forum to focus on global development issues.

"The work of the Davos 2020 Economic Conference is taking place in light of variables, interrelated crises and complex international problems that represent an existential challenge to security, global stability and social peace in many countries of the international community," the organization said in a statement.

The statement added, "The irresponsible policies of some countries in the world contributed to aggravating matters and creating costly turbulence and conflicts that the world continues to pay its tax, as reflected in the form of wars, fighting, economic collapses, and social destabilization that crystallized in the form of insecurity, loss of countries, and continuous migration from developing countries to the countries of the world.”

It continued, "Despite the appeals launched by the World Nonviolence Organization (Free Muslim) and its counterpart from human rights organizations calling for a review of the international community and global systems with influence on their international attitudes, policies and procedures, those measures are still below the level of ambition, with the intentional failure of some major countries whose factional interests dominate global issues."

The statement affirmed, "The files of climate change and the means of dealing with them, and the support of failed political systems and starvation wars that are waged without moral or humanitarian responsibility, are all violations of human rights that need to be stopped, reviewed and corrected if we are looking for a better future for the peoples of the earth."

The organization called on the participants in its work to search for effective and real measures that restore the global balance of the inhabitants of the earth and contribute to achieving the human rights principles of social justice and development and achieving the goals previously set by the United Nations in this regard.


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