Security Media Cell: Arrest of the man responsible for issuing a fatwa for bombing of Prophet Yunus Mosque

The Iraqi Security Media Cell announced today, Thursday, the arrest of the terrorist "Mufti of ISIS" on the right side of the city of Mosul, indicating his responsibility for issuing a fatwa to bomb the Prophet Yunus Mosque.

The Cell said in a statement, "The Swat Regiment of the Nineveh Police Command, and based on accurate information and ongoing research, investigation and follow-up, has arrested the Mufti of ISIS Shifa al-Neama, aka Abu Abd al-Bari, in the Mansour Quarter on the right side of Mosul.”

It added that "he worked as an imam and preacher in a number of the city's mosques, known for his sermons against the security forces, which incited and spread extremist takfiri ideology during the period of ISIS’ control of the city of Mosul."

It continued, "He is considered one of the leaders of ISIS, and is responsible for issuing fatwas on the execution of a number of scholars and clerics who refrained from pledging allegiance to the terrorist organization, in addition to issuing a fatwa to bomb the Prophet Yunus Mosque, peace be upon him."


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