Five killed in an armed attack in north-eastern Nigeria

Gunmen belonging to ISIS terrorist organization launched an attack on a town in Borno State, northeast Nigeria, killing five of the security forces guarding the town.

According to media sources, ISIS fighters, who were on trucks equipped with machine guns, attacked the town of Gajiram, 80 km from the state capital, Maiduguri, noting that they had targeted fishermen and elements that were guarding the town from the attacks.

The area where Gajiram is located has been the target of numerous attacks by extremists in recent years, targeting soldiers and residents, and in the past two months the number of ambushes targeting soldiers, kidnappings of civilians, and false checkpoints set up by the organization, which separated from the Boko Haram terrorist group in 2016, has increased.

The decade-long conflict has killed 36,000 people, and displaced nearly two million from their homes in northeastern Nigeria, extending violence to Niger, Chad and Cameroon, resulting in a regional military alliance to confront the rebels.


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