Hundreds of thousands of Muslims pray for peace in Bangladesh

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Bangladesh participated in prayers for peace and prosperity and to stop the bloodshed in the world amid tight security.

This came at the end of a 3-day Islamic gathering near the capital Dhaka, according to the US Associated Press.

The agency said that hundreds of thousands of Muslims raised their hands during the prayers for the welfare of the world at the end of the “Peshwa Sociology” gathering.

Many of the worshipers wept crying when the Imam prayed in tears: "O our Lord, we ask you to protect the Muslims, to bless them, and to end all bloodshed."

The agency noted that the prayer was held amidst tight security measures, as security services established watchtowers, control rooms and closed-circuit television.

One of the largest gatherings of Muslim worshipers is the "Peshwa Sociology ", or World Assembly of Muslims, and is held on the sandy banks of the Torag River in the Tongi suburb, north of Dhaka.


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