Muslims Urged to Vote in Britain’s Upcoming Election

Three Muslim organizations in the UK – the Muslim Council of Britain, MEND and MPACUK – have urged Muslims to vote in the upcoming general election on December 12.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said the election is an opportunity for British Muslims to make their voices heard by exercising the civil obligation to fully engage and participate in the political process.

It added that it is important for mosques and Islamic centers to work with their communities to play an active role in the elections by helping their congregations ensure they are registered to vote, and emphasizing the importance of political participation.

In a statement the MCB said it was also “imperative that politicians and political parties across the spectrum use this upcoming General Election as an opportunity to change the tone of politics from one of divisiveness and disunity to one of cohesion and collaboration. This debate must be respectful and civilized, engaging all sections of British society and not resort to dog-whistle politics which seeks to scapegoat minorities.

“The Muslim Council of Britain does not endorse any political party or prospective parliamentary candidate, but will work with all political parties to engage British Muslim communities and ensure every voice is heard in this election…

“Voting is not a luxury – it is the responsibility of all citizens. The Muslim Council of Britain calls on Muslims across the UK to take the first step to exercising this essential right by ensuring they are registered to vote with their local authority.”


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