Nonviolence Organization calls for paying attention to the extent of harm from terrorist organizations targeting Shia groups

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On the occasion of the International Day of Victims of Terrorism, the International Nonviolence Organization called for paying attention to the extent of the harm caused by the activity of terrorist organizations in general, and its targeting of Shia gatherings around the world in particular.

The Organization states in a statement, "On every August 21, the international community, represented by the United Nations, recognizes the anniversary of victims of terrorism around the world, in parallel with the global effort to confront the deadly scourge that has inflicted on hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians, including children, women, elders and the innocent. "

It adds, "The evidence has undoubtedly documented the danger of the extremist thought in all its titles and qualities, whether it is religious, national or ethnic extremism, or any name that takes physical and moral violence as a means to achieve its agendas and impose its beliefs on others, starting with the danger of grassroots organizations such as the Taliban, Al-Nusra, ISIS and Boko Haram, and other formed organizations. "

"It is irrefutable to say that most societies affected by terrorism belonged to the countries of the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Egypt, while the rest of the countries have received a share of those sparks, even to a lesser extent, like many other countries in the world." However, it is noteworthy that the continuation of terrorist acts has been and continues to target Shia Muslims in particular for more than three decades, without the ability of the international community to eradicate terrorism in thought, funding and action. This humanitarian disaster is extremely dangerous and it has painful repercussions, especially since its remnants have become an existential threat to some Shia communities in specific areas in the Middle East. "

The statement concluded, "While the International Nonviolence Organization (Free Muslim) commemorates this prominent occasion on the humanitarian level, it calls on the international community in all its human rights, humanitarian and political organizations to pay attention to the extent of the harm caused by the activity of terrorist organizations in general, and its targeted of Shia communities around the world in particular, affirming that what is resulting from these worsening conditions will harm and threaten all people.