Tougher punishment for misinterpreting Islam in Malaysia

The Malaysian State Council of Sabah has ratified a resolution to raise the level of sanctions for anyone who misrepresents the teachings of Islam in the state.

The Minister of Human and Local Affairs of the Malaysian State of Sabah, Idi Mukhtar, proposed the decision within the reform of the Malaysian Penal Code, and according to Article 52 of the Criminal Code of 1995, anyone who teaches, believes or acts contrary to Islamic law and the fatwa is punishable by flogging.

The law was reformed to prevent the promotion of non-Islamic faiths and a fine of 3,000 ringgit or two years in prison for anyone who publishes non-Islamic faiths.

Mukhtar said the government did not satisfy the dissemination of any education or interpretation that would harm the unity of the people and society.

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