World Hijab Day marked in Ireland


Muslim women living in Ireland marked the seventh World Hijab Day, which aims to challenge stereotypes and shatter boundaries.

The 150-seater venue for the World Hijab Day breakfast - a hotel in Dublin's Portobello area - was thronged, for the most part with women.

The majority were clad in ankle-length - mostly colourful - coats called jilbabs and sported hijabs of various shades, shapes and sizes.

Nobody wore the niqab, the veil that covers the whole face except for the eyes, which is very rarely seen in Ireland.

The Arabic word "hijab" means "curtain" and describes many styles of head covering used by Muslim women throughout the world.

The most relevant passage in Islam's most holy book, the Quran, records that the Prophet's wives were asked to cover themselves. However whether that should be taken literally or as a broader summons to women and men simply to dress modestly is a matter for ongoing debate.



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