SRW calls for an Iraq that is open to all religions and races



The International Shia Rights Watch Organization has called for an Iraq that is open to all religions and races, as it was in the past.

A delegation of the representatives ofsix Iraqi civil society organizations in the United States of America met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Washington, Dr. Farid Yassin, and handed him a memorandum of solidarity with the demonstrations in a number of provinces of the south and central regions of Iraq.

"We all hope that Iraq will be open to all religions and races as it was in the past, and that the Iraqi people should enjoy the security, freedom and well-being," said the Shia Rights Watch's representative, Mustafa Akhwan.

He added, "We hope that the state will open all directions and meet the needs of society, without distinction between beliefs. Iraq is rich in moral and material wealth and the people deserve all respect and appreciation for their honorable positions for peaceful coexistence in addition to the peaceful demonstrations that indicate the maturity of Iraqi people.



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