Norway suspends arms exports to UAE over Yemen War


Norway has suspended arms exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over concerns that the weapons could be used in the deadly Saudi-led military campaign against Yemen, in which Abu Dhabi has played an active role.

Under the existing circumstances, permits for arms export to the UAE have been temporarily revoked and no new licenses will be issued, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

So far, there has been no evidence about the use of Norwegian-manufactured weapons in the war on Yemen, but the UAE’s involvement in the military campaign could involve that risk, the ministry noted.

According to Statistics Norway data, Norwegian arms exports to the UAE rose from $5 million in 2015 to $9.7 million in 2016.

Abu Dhabi has served as the key ally of Saudi Arabia in the latter’s military offensive against Yemen which was launched in 2015 to restore the former Riyadh-allied government. Emirati Elite Forces have been fighting on the ground in Yemen since then.


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