700-year-old mosque restored in Turkey’s Antalya

A 700-year-old mosque has been restored in southern Turkey's Antalya province after excavations unearthed the pieces of the structure dating back to the Anatolian beyliks' rule in the region.

Triple suicide attack kills at least 30 in Nigeria

At least 30 people have been killed in a triple suicide attack in northeast Nigerian state of Borno, state emergency officials said on Monday, in the biggest mass killing this year by suicide bombers.

Quran desecrated in Saudi Arabia

A video was released in several social media networks showing the desecration of the Quran in the city of Khaybar, some 160 km to the north of Medina.

23,000 Quran centers active in Indonesia

Head of Indonesia’s Union of Qaris and Quran Memorizers said there are 23,000 Quran teaching centers active in the Southeast Asian country.

Norway: Islamophobic group insults Muslims, harms Quran

An Islamophobic group in Norway insulted Muslims and threw a copy of the Muslim holy book the Quran in an event near the capital Oslo on Saturday, according to a video the group posted on the Internet.

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