The company producing the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine announces the date of its release to the market

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Sinopharm Corporation, Liu Jing Chen, said that the vaccine against Covid-19 will be put on the market at the end of December, after it obtains the necessary approval and permission.

He added, "On April 27, the Beijing Institute for Biological Medicines Research began implementing clinical tests on the inactivated vaccine, and the results of the first and second stages of clinical trials were published on June 28.  The company began implementing the third phase of international clinical trials in the UAE on June 23, and after the completion of the third phase, it becomes possible to move to the phase of approval of the inactive vaccine. We expect that it will be possible to put the vaccine on the market by the end of December this year.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors indicated that since February 16, the company began conducting studies on the immune capacity of this vaccine by injecting it into seven types of test animals, including white rats, mice, guinea pigs, macaques, and rabbits, and the effectiveness of the vaccine was tested. Then, the vaccine was tested on a small group of people, and then clinical trials began.


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