Shia Rights Watch releases Muharram 2019 Advisory

Shia Rights Watch has released the Muharram 2019 Advisory and calls on the greater international community for increased security against human rights violations based on religious beliefs.  

Muharram marks the commemoration of the sacrifices made against human rights violations. On this occasion, Shia Muslims openly campaign against the terrors of their time. 


The nature of the congregation and visible religious expression, Shia Muslims become easy to identify and target. 

To prevent violations and to ensure the safety of the Shia community, SRW presents the following tips to create a unified platform for expression that not only meets religious guidelines but also lends to international and domestic regulations.

Know your rights as knowledge is key to rights

As constituents of your nation, you have civil liberties. Familiarize yourself and your community with the nation’s defined human rights and freedom of religion.  

Build a relationship with your community law enforcement   

Approach your community law enforcement and communicate your observations for the month of Muharram.

Seek consultation from your local police department on the placement of security measures such as camera systems and alarms.

Reach out to Government Representative

Meet with the governor and mayor of your town. Have a conversation about your concerns. Reach out and open a line of communication.

Be cognisant of your non-practicing community

Recognize that you are a part of a broader community that may or may not commemorate Muharram.

Respect local regulations.

Reach out and communicate an increase in activity to neighbors and surrounding institutions.

Prepare and provide brochures or pamphlets, educating others on the significance and relevance of Muharram.  

In case of a human rights violation, Know Your Resources!


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