Imam Hussein Media Group participates in the annual Shia Convention in America



Imam Hussain Media Group took part in the Seventeenth Annual Shia Convention - one of the largest Shia conferences in America, in the state of Virginia.

Shiawaves Correspondent said that the Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) has held the 17th annual convention under the title "Imam Sadiq, peace be upon him, the Spiritual Father of Modern Science."

He added that the media group participated in the convention as the largest independent Shia media group, and set up a special stall at the exhibition held on the sidelines of the event, through which the group’s achievements were displayed as well as programs and plans for the future.

He added that the stall witnessed the arrival of the group’s fans and viewers from around the world. 

Imam Hussain Media Group thanks all those who donated.

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