Imam Hussein Media Group calls on people of conscience free to raise their voices against mass executions massacre against dozens of Saudis


Imam Hussein Media Group condemned the mass murder of dozens of Saudis, calling on people of conscience in the world to raise their voices against this massacre.

The media group said in a statement received by Shiawaves that "tyrants have been accustomed to committing massacres against those who reject their opinion and history is repeating itself, the Saudi authorities committed on Tuesday, the 23rd of April 2019, Corresponding to the seventeenth of the month of Shaaban 1440 AH, a genocide against a group of free activists and dissents.

the media group added, "The politicization of the judiciary and decapitating people for plotted charges is an absolute. tyranny and the Saudi authorities' history have been filled with intensive violence."

On the conclusion of its statement the media group said that "The time has come for the free conscience of the world to raise its voice against this ugly massacre to stop the tyrannical and terrorist crimes in the land of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him and his pure progeny, who was a mercy to the worlds."


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