Imam Hussein Holy Shrine offers free health services to orphans

Imam Hussain Medical Complex, affiliated with the Imam al-Redha Charitable Foundation, launched an initiative to provide medical services to orphans in Sayyida Ruqayya Kindergarten, belonging to Imam Hussain Holy Shrine in Karbala. 

Disputed mosque opens in Laingsburg, South Africa

A mosque has opened its doors in Laingsburg, a town in the Western Cape province in South Africa, following a battle with the Friends of Christian Community Church, who objected to the construction of the mosque. They argued that the mosque was too close to their church. 

Hudaydah residents in critical condition: UN health agency

The UN health agency has warned about the “critical” conditions of civilians in Yemen’s Hudaydah, which has been subject to a Saudi-led offensive for weeks, saying military operations in the key port city threaten over 70 percent of the population who are in need of relief aid. 

Muslims cycling from Macedonia to Mecca for Hajj

Two Muslim Albanian men from Tetova city, the capital of the Albanian province in Slavic Macedonia (FYROM), are now filming their lifetime journey of Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca by bicycles. 

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