Iraqi Hashd Sha’abi forces foil Daesh infiltration attempt into Syria

Iraqi fighters from Popular Mobilization Units have successfully managed to thwart an attempt by members of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group to sneak through the desert areas of the country’s western province of Anbar into Dayr al-Zawr province in neighboring Syria.

MMA Gary Goodridge converts to Shia Islam

MMA legend Garry Goodridge appeared as a guest on the Deen Show, the popular Youtube channel of Eddie Redzovic, owner and instructor of Team Redzovic BJJ in Chicago, and he made an interesting revelation that he “recently converted to Shia Islam”. 

Car bomb blast kills 3, wounds 12 in Iraq's Mosul

At least three people have been killed and a dozen others wounded Thursday after a car bomb exploded near a restaurant in the Iraqi city of Mosul in a rare terrorist attack since Daesh militants were flushed out last year.

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