Modest fashion now on offer in heart of Italy

Just a couple of months before Italy’s most populist government of recent years came to power, a very different kind of enterprise began in Bologna, a city known for its gourmet culture and historic university. Hijab Paradise is the brainchild of the ­Moroccan-born Italian Keltoum Kamal Idrissi and her best friend FatihaMouradi.

Yemen crisis: Saudi coalition demands Houthis' unconditional withdrawal

The UN’s hopes of negotiating a ceasefire with Houthi rebels in the vital port of Hodeidah in Yemen appear to have been dashed after the Saudi-led coalition backing the Yemeni government said it would only accept the rebels’ unconditional withdrawal from the area.

ISIS abducts 30 in Saladin, 7 found dead

At least 30 people from one tribe in central Iraq were kidnapped by ISIS remnants on Sunday night. The bodies of seven of them have been found in a desert, while the fate of the others remains unknown.

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