International Nonviolence calls for England and the United States to cancel arms deals with Saudi Arabia

The International Nonviolence Organization has expressed its deep displeasure at the violation by the British and US governments of international conventions and agreements on human rights through the conclusion of bilateral agreements on the export of arms to the Saudi state, which faces many evidence of its involvement in the use of weapons against unarmed civilians in Yemen.

Fresh Saudi air raids leave seven civilians dead across Yemen

At least seven civilians have been killed when Saudi military aircraft carried out separate airstrikes against residential areas in Yemen’s western coastal provinces of Hudaydah and the northwestern province of Sa’ada as the Riyadh regime presses ahead with its atrocious bombardment campaign against its southern neighbor.

A Shia man martyred in takfiri terrorist attack in Karachi

Notorious takfiri terrorists of banned ASWJ/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi shot martyred a Shia Muslim near Memon Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, on Thursday, where a 2-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man were injured due to their firing.

Anti-Muslim sentiment higher in Quebec than rest of Canada

Even though Quebec politicians routinely claim otherwise, a recent study suggests Islamophobia is widespread in Quebec and more prevalent than elsewhere in Canada. The study, published in the current issue of the Canadian Review of Sociology, also found that Muslims were the social group that, across the country, Canadians liked the least. Whites, Catholics, Indigenous people, and racial minorities all received higher average scores than Muslims when Canadians were asked to assign a score between zero and 100 to their feelings about these groups. Muslims received the lowest average score, 56, in Quebec. The next lowest was 67, in the Prairies. British Columbians had the most favourable view of Muslims, with an average score of 77.

Rare Quran manuscripts to be put on display at Islamabad mosque

 A hundred rare manuscripts of the Holy Quran have been gifted to Faisal Masjid in Islamabad, Pakistan. The copies, some dating back to the 14th century, are planned to be put on display for the public in a few days. These sets of Holy Quran copies have been donated by Professor Zahid Butt for Faisal Masjid on the special request of Capital Development (CDA) Member Administration Yasir Pirzada. The manuscripts of the Holy Quran are unique in nature and some are 200 to 700 years old. Pirzada said that these copies of the Holy Quran would be available for public view after 10 days. The Faisal Masjid administration has made arrangements to exhibit these copies. In addition of these rare copies of the Holy Quran, samples of calligraphy would also be placed at the Faisal Masjid for general public, the Express Tribune reported. Pirzada has declared these copies of Holy Quran as the best gift for residents of Islamabad.

Blast kills at least 14 in southern Afghanistan

An explosion has killed and injured scores of people in the city of Lashkar Gah in Afghanistan's restive south, officials say. "A car bomb blast happened at the entrance gate to the sports stadium in the first Police District of Lashkar Gah city," Helmand province's police spokesman Salam Afghan said Friday. Helmand governor spokesman Omar Zwak said the blast killed at least 14 people and injured 47 others. "The explosion happened at a time when spectators were leaving the stadium after the wrestling match had finished," he added. The police spokesman had initially given a toll of two dead and 20 injured. Meanwhile, the Italian NGO Emergency put the death toll at four, with 35 wounded who had been transferred to its hospital in Lashkar Gah.

Bahraini regime forces arrest 29 people in 24 hours

Bahraini forces have reportedly arrested at least 32 people during separate raids on a number of houses across the kingdom in the past 24 hours as the ruling Al Khalifah regime intensifies its heavy-handed crackdown on political dissidents. Bahraini troops stormed the besieged northwestern village of Diraz, situated some 12 kilometers west of the capital Manama, detaining 13 people, including minors, Arabic-language Lualua television reported. Bahraini regime forces had earlier detained more than a dozen political dissidents in the same Bahraini region. Elsewhere in the northern village of Buri, located about 13 kilometers southwest of Manama, Bahraini forces raided a house and ransacked it. They later arrested brothers Abdullah and Mohammed Saleh Mahdi. Local sources noted that the incidents took place as regime soldiers did not have a search or arrest warrant with them.

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