The arrest of a terrorist who killed about 150 civilians in one operation in Iraq

The General Directorate of Intelligence in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of a terrorist who detonated an explosive vehicle that killed about 150 civilians.

The Directorate General of Intelligence and Combating Terrorism in Diyala and Baghdad provinces, operating within the Intelligence Agency at the Ministry of Interior, carried out an intelligence operation that resulted in the arrest of the terrorist Abu Khattab, the General Directorate stated in a press release.

The statement added, "The aforementioned terrorist works in the so-called detachment of Baladruz sector in Diyala, and he is accused of detonating a car bomb in the market of Khan Bani Saad district in 2008, which killed about 150 martyrs from the people of the district."

The terrorist was referred to the judiciary to complete his investigative papers in order to obtain his sentence.


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