New mass grave of Shia prisoners killed by ISIS discovered in Mosul

Iraqi forces found a new mass grave for Shia prisoners in the village of Humaydat, near Badoush district, west of Mosul, three years after the city was liberated from ISIS.

The forces found the remains of bodies that were buried in a trench spanning hundreds of meters, according to the Associated Press, which also quoted officials as saying that forensic experts began conducting medical tests, but was stopped by the coronavirus.

Iraqi officials believe that the majority of the remains are of prisoners belonging to the Shi'a community, who were removed by the terrorist organization fighters from Badoush prison immediately after taking control of Mosul in June 2014.

Iraqi forces recovered the prison in March 2017, and a Human Rights Watch report says that the criminal organization ISIS executed about 600 Shia prisoners after they drove them out of Badoush prison with several other prisoners.


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