Demonstration on the Iraqi-Saudi border to denounce the crime of Baqee Holy Shrines demolition

Iraqi demonstrators have gathered at the Iraqi-Saudi border, demanding the reconstruction of al-Baqee Holy Shrines in Medina. 

The demonstrators said in a statement, "We, religious scholars, intellectuals, journalists and Iraqi citizens, stand here, as in the past years, to announce the eighth day of the month of Shawwal as an international day to support the Holy Baqee al-Gharqad, demanding the Saudi government to rebuild it or allow us to build the holy shrines of the Imams, peace be upon them, and perform pilgrimages like the rest of the holy shrines around the world. We hold the Saudi authorities full legal and moral responsibility, considering that these places belong to all Muslims and without exception,” stressing the need to prevent the Saudi extreme interference and harassing every Muslim individual who wishes to perform the pilgrimage rituals.

The demonstrators also demanded to have freedom in performing their rituals, as is the case in the developed world, appealing to the Iraqi government to directly interfere and exert pressure and influence, in various diplomatic ways, on the Saudi government to initiate the reconstruction of the honorable shrines.


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