Free Muslim: The international community is in dire need of peace advocates

The international community is desperate for peace advocates, the Free Muslim World Nonviolence Organization said on World Peace Day.

"The anniversary of World Peace Day falls on September 21st in the midst of catastrophic international threats and tensions,” the statement said. 

The statement added, "The ushering in of serious wars is clearly looming on the horizon of the international community, after it failed to control and suppress the ongoing wars, especially in the regions of the Middle East, which is of the utmost importance in the heart of the human world. This entails a comprehensive review that is capable of evaluating international practices and formulating binding agreements to reduce these painful consequences."

The organization stressed the importance of reviving the World Peace Day and translating it with practical and effective measures, calling on peace advocates around the world to participate in the revival of this important day through activating their roles, tools and calls that are in the best humanitarian interest.


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