Iraqis recall the anniversary of the 1920 revolution against the British occupation


On June 30, Iraqis remembered the anniversary of the twentieth revolution against the British occupation led by Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad Taqi al-Shirazi, may Allah bless his soul.

The Iraqis are proud of this occasion in which the tribes came to fulfill the fatwa of the Shirazi authority to fight the British colonialism and expel it from Mesopotamia after it wreaked havoc on it, the battle in which the clerics, tribes, and citizens of the nation were victorious over the largest colonization on the face of the earth, representing a turning point and a milestone in the history of ancient and modern Iraq.

 Iraqis cherish the sacrifices made by their ancestors for the sake of defending religion and the homeland. Likewise, they cherish the sacrifices made by heroes in the war against ISIS on the anniversary of the Sufficient Jihad edict, two weeks ago.


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