Religious activists visited Grand Jurist’s office in holy Qom


Groups of religious activists, speakers, and clerics from the Najaf Islamic Seminary visited the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi in the holy City of Qom and listened to statements from his eminence. 

One of participants at this gathering offered a report of the activities by this seminary to the Grand Jurist and said: “We run various scientific and cultural programs at Najaf Islamic Seminary.”

He further elaborated: “These programs are mostly concerned with cultural and historical backgrounds of Islam, which are organized on the religious holidays and special occasions.”

He then said: “The number of participants at these programs exceed 6500 clerics. These programs began in Far City in south of Iraq, and continue up to the north, in the Cities of Samarra, Baghdad, and Kadhimiya.”

In his turn, the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi appreciated the efforts of these clerics and said: “It is very good that you pay attention to the development of youth, and I ask God to make you successful in furthering this path and to continue to guide young people more than ever. Show the right path of AhlulBayt to the young boys and girls from all backgrounds and other places so that they inspire others as well, especially millions of pilgrims who travel to Najaf throughout the year.”

Further, the Grand Jurist made a few advices to the religious speakers: “It is really important that religious speakers sit with the youths and listen to their questions. They should answer questions of the youths about religion so that they can choose with open eyes.”


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