Title Published Date
Al-Zainabiya Scientific Seminary in Syria celebrates Eid al-Ghadeer 10 August 2020
Eight civilians martyred in blast of booby-trapped motorcycle in Syria 26 July 2020
Bomb attack kills 2 civilians in Ras al-Ayn, Syria 23 July 2020
1.3 million People may face death after Security Council resolution on aid to Syria 13 July 2020
119,000 civilian casualties and deaths in Iraq and Syria as a result of international coalition raids 28 May 2020
UN: Fighting parties in Syria take advantage of Corona to attack civilians 10 May 2020
Free Muslim calls for sparing the people of Afrin, Syria 30 April 2020
United Nations calls for an immediate truce in Syria because of coronavirus 31 March 2020
Funeral procession for the bodies of the martyrs in the Syria road crash in Karbala 10 March 2020
Uzbekistan arrests 21 people suspected of links to ISIS in Iraq and Syria 19 February 2020
Syrian Army repels terrorist attack near the town of Gergnaz in Idlib countryside 12 January 2020
Kazakh authorities sentences 14 ISIS terrorists returning from Syria 30 November 2019
Karbala Office of Grand Ayatollah Sayed Shirazi receives figures from the Gulf, Syria and Africa 26 August 2019
Britain refuses to receive ISIS terrorist children from Iraq and Syria 12 August 2019
The United Nations reveals ISIS Terrorist Organization’s wealth 07 August 2019
Iraq to open vital border crossing with Syria 21 July 2019
Zainabiya Islamic Seminary in Syria announces online seminary studies 18 July 2019
Syrian officials discovered mass grave of Daesh victims 04 July 2019
UN rights chief: 55,000 ISIS fighters and their families detained in Syria, Iraq 24 June 2019
Voice of America: 6,000 ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria from Central Asian countries 18 June 2019


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