Title Published Date
Karbala Office of Grand Ayatollah Sayed Shirazi receives figures from the Gulf, Syria and Africa 26 August 2019
Britain refuses to receive ISIS terrorist children from Iraq and Syria 12 August 2019
The United Nations reveals ISIS Terrorist Organization’s wealth 07 August 2019
Iraq to open vital border crossing with Syria 21 July 2019
Zainabiya Islamic Seminary in Syria announces online seminary studies 18 July 2019
Syrian officials discovered mass grave of Daesh victims 04 July 2019
UN rights chief: 55,000 ISIS fighters and their families detained in Syria, Iraq 24 June 2019
Voice of America: 6,000 ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria from Central Asian countries 18 June 2019
Seven Daesh terrorists arrested in Iraq after returning from Syria 11 March 2019
Course to prepare teachers to teach Quran in Syria to be held 04 March 2019
Activities by representative of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Syria 17 February 2019
Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorists torturing opponents in northwestern Syria: HRW 31 January 2019
Rasul Adham Book store Reopens in Damascus Syria 23 January 2019
Iraqi forces ready to tackle remaining Daesh elements in Syria: Commander 17 January 2019
Freezing temperature kills 15 displaced Syrian kids 16 January 2019
Iraqi warplanes hit strategic Daesh position in eastern Syria, kills 30 commanders 02 January 2019
Pope Francis urges peace in conflict zones 26 December 2018
Director of Annaba Cultural Institute participates in conference in Beirut 23 December 2018
Daesh terrorists executed over 700 prisoners in eastern Syria in two months: Observatory 20 December 2018
Car bomb attack kills one, injures 20 in northwestern Syrian town 13 December 2018

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