Title Published Date
Mourning ceremonies on the occasion of Safar at the house of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi’s son in Kuwait 02 October 2019
Kuwaiti National Assembly approves the personal status law of Jaafariyah and refers it to the government 02 July 2019
Member of Kuwait’s Shia Endowment Office Meets Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 07 March 2019
A Kuwaiti filmmaker visited Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 30 January 2019
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi: The youths should care about marriage. 10 January 2019
Sayyed Hussein Shirazi travels on a mission to Kuwait 19 December 2018
Kuwaiti Shia MP visits headquarters of Imam Hussein Media Group in Karbala 27 November 2018
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi: advancement of Muslims in all areas of life is the responsibility of all 20 November 2018
Sayyid Hussein al-Shirazi Continues Activities in Kuwait 24 May 2018
Shia Rights Watch condemns the closure of Althaqalain Charity Association in Kuwait 28 March 2018
Religious, social and political figures host Sayed Hussein Shirazi in Kuwait 17 February 2018
Shia children from Saudi Arabia among top winners in Kuwait Quran contest 12 February 2018
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi stressed that Husseini services are blessing of which many are deprived 21 January 2018
Free Muslims sends an important message to Gulf States 06 December 2017
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi’s son takes part in memorial ceremony of Kuwait martyrs 08 June 2017
Kuwaiti National Assembly discusses lifting of MP immunity for targeting a Shia cleric 10 April 2017
Interpol rejects Kuwaiti request to arrest Shia Kuwaiti MP AbdulhamidDashti 29 March 2017
Cornerstone laid for expansion of al-Rasul al-Atham Islamic Center in Kuwait 06 March 2017
Free Muslim: Kuwaiti Court of Cassation violates constitutional and human rights 18 February 2017
Kuwait sentences Shiite MP for forty one year insulting Saudi, Bahrain 24 December 2016

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