Title Published Date
Terror group planning attacks on Arbaeen pilgrims dismantled 15 September 2019
Iraqi tribes commemorate the 13th day of Muharram 14 September 2019
Middle Euphrates Operations: Four million pilgrims revived Ashura 12 September 2019
Two explosive devices go off in Iraq’s Kirkuk province targeting Husseini Procession 09 September 2019
Hoisting 34 black banners in Iraqi universities and institutes marking the month of Muharram 07 September 2019
Hashd Sha’abi forces cleanse 6 Anbar villages of ISIS remnants 25 August 2019
Visa-free entry to Iranians on Arbaeen Pilgrimage 14 August 2019
Britain refuses to receive ISIS terrorist children from Iraq and Syria 12 August 2019
Iraq: Terrorist plot to target Khanaqin during Eid thwarted 11 August 2019
New holy grille of al-Qasim ibn Imam al-Kadhim unveiled in Babylon 10 August 2019
The United Nations reveals ISIS Terrorist Organization’s wealth 07 August 2019
Representative of Ayatollah Shirazi: The House of Affection to Marry the Youth of Iraq is a pioneering experience that we should follow 25 July 2019
Iraq: Terrorist cell found containing weapons, food supplies and explosives in Tarmiyah 22 July 2019
Iraq to open vital border crossing with Syria 21 July 2019
Celebrating 60 young men and women who won the draw of the House of Affection Project 21 July 2019
Misbah al-Hussein Foundation in Karbala prepares to celebrate the winners of the third stage of the House of Affection Project 18 July 2019
Iraqi security forces arrest two ISIS terrorists in Baghdad 11 July 2019
Iraqi forces launch new military campaign against ISIS strongholds 10 July 2019
Iraq removes visa requirements for Iranian Arbaeen pilgrims 10 July 2019
Iraqi PM decrees full integration of PMF into Iraqi forces 02 July 2019

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