Title Published Date
Iraq: Four ISIS terrorists arrested in left side of Mosul 27 May 2020
Iraq: Three ISIS terrorist vehicles destroyed by air strikes in Anbar 26 May 2020
Iraq announces the reopening of the Zarbatiya-Mehran border crossing 24 May 2020
Iraq: Seven citizens wounded in terrorist attacks in Diyala 14 May 2020
Iraq: The destruction of four ISIS terrorist hideouts in Samarra 10 May 2020
Iraq: Operation Desert Lions launched to eliminate ISIS terrorists 04 May 2020
New batch of Chinese medical aid arrives in Iraq 29 April 2020
Al-Monitor: Iraq is on the threshold of achieving a historic achievement after containing coronavirus 29 April 2020
Iraqi Ministry of Health: Iraq is likely to overcome peak of coronavirus by the end of May 27 April 2020
Iraq: Three ISIS hideouts destroyed in Anbar 27 April 2020
Third batch of Chinese medical aid arrives in Iraq 20 April 2020
Iraq: Security operation launched in Anbar desert 16 April 2020
Iran prepares to resume religious visits to holy shrines in Iraq and Syria 14 April 2020
Iraq: Five hideouts of ISIS terrorists destroyed in security operation south of Tal Afar 08 April 2020
United Nations praises the courage and sacrifices of the Iraqi medical personnel 07 April 2020
Iraq: Security campaign launched to track down attackers of security checkpoint west of Ramadi 06 April 2020
Iraqis rally to help needy families as virus hits, economy falters 05 April 2020
Iraq: Officer and two soldiers wounded in IED explosion in Diyala 04 April 2020
Quranic Research Contest launched in Iraq 01 April 2020
Misbah al-Hussein Foundation calls to help the needy in Iraq in light of the coronavirus pandemic 31 March 2020

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