Title Published Date
The arrest of a terrorist who killed about 150 civilians in one operation in Iraq 08 August 2020
Muslims in Iraq and the world celebrate Eid al-Ghadeer 08 August 2020
Iraq receives medical aid shipment from France 02 August 2020
IS Terrorists Kills Senior Iraqi Commander in Ambush in Anbar, Iraq 29 July 2020
General Secretariat of Shiite Shrines in Iraq directed to venerate, praise Eid Allah al-Akhbar 27 July 2020
Iraq calls on Saudi Arabia to waive visa fees to boost investment 25 July 2020
Seven terrorists arrested in Nineveh, Iraq 23 July 2020
Iraq to Impose Nationwide Curfew on Eid Holidays 23 July 2020
Iraq: Arrest of 40 terrorists in the vicinity of Tuz Khurmato district 21 July 2020
Iraq and Saudi Arabia discuss the opening of the Arar border crossing 14 July 2020
Fourth phase of the Iraq’s Heroes Operations commenced 11 July 2020
Iraq: ISIS terrorist arrested in al-Debs 08 July 2020
Iraqi Foreign Ministry urges Europe to reject the decision to include Iraq in the list of high-risk countries 08 July 2020
Misbah al-Hussein Foundation launches Orphan Protection Charter project in Iraq 06 July 2020
Iraq wins the position of Director of the Department of Science and Scientific Research in ALECSO 05 July 2020
Eight terrorists killed and 14 hideouts destroyed in Salah al-Din in Iraq 27 June 2020
NATO Secretary-General: Iraq is the first line of resistance against global terrorism 24 June 2020
Iraq: Two civilians wounded by terrorist attacks in Diyala 23 June 2020
Iraq: ISIS hideout with ammo seized in Kirkuk 17 June 2020
Iraq: Six Rapid Response Forces killed and wounded in explosion near Tuz Khurmato 16 June 2020


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