Title Published Date
Iraqi Interior Ministry prohibits entry Iranian visa holders after the emergence of coronavirus in Iran 20 February 2020
Iran announces the resumption of pilgrims’ caravans by land to holy shrines in Iraq through the Mehran Border 19 February 2020
5 killed, 16 injured as a minibus rolls over into river in Iran 09 September 2019
No security problem for Arbaeen pilgrims crossing Iran borders: Commander 28 August 2019
The Processions Committee of Imam al-Shirazi Foundation receives many Iraqi processions in Qom 25 July 2019
Elderly Shia subjected to enforced disappearance on return from pilgrimage 18 June 2019
16 Iraqi pilgrims injured in traffic accident in Iran 16 June 2019
Cabinet votes to exempt Iranian citizens from visa fees 27 March 2019
Flash floods in southern Iran kill at least 23, injure 100 26 March 2019
10 million pilgrims expected to visit Mashhad in Iran new year holidays 19 March 2019
Iranian, Iraqi pilgrims to get visas free of charge as of April 12 March 2019
Iraqi pilgrimage caravan visits office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Qom 04 March 2019
Cultural activists from holy Najaf meet with Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 28 February 2019
Iranian Arbaeen pilgrims exempted from paying departure tax 24 February 2019
Engraved Quran copy fetches 77bln Rials at Tehran auction 24 February 2019
Clerics from Afghanistan Meet Grand Ayatollah Shirazi. 20 February 2019
Imam Hussain Pilgrimage Caravan Visits Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 05 February 2019
9 injured as bus carrying Iranian pilgrims in Iraq attacked 04 February 2019
A Kuwaiti filmmaker visited Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 30 January 2019
Clerics, seminary teachers, and students visit Grand Ayatollah Shirazi 29 January 2019


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