Title Published Date
Controversy sparked in Egypt after disappearance of chandeliers of Imam Hussein Mosque 10 September 2020
Egypt partially reopens Al-Hussein Mosque 08 July 2020
Sayyida Zainab Mosque in Egypt closed 21 March 2020
Egypt to remove books of Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Baz and Ibn Uthaymeen from all mosques 13 June 2019
Freemuslim Association is Concerned Over Deportation of Egyptian Nationals from Malaysia 19 March 2019
Egyptian academics review role of Imam Hussein Shrine in developing religious tourism 13 March 2019
‘Globalization of Islamic Arts’ course in Egypt 31 January 2019
Egyptian woman inscribes 30 Qurans 28 January 2019
Nonviolence Incorporation Calls for Release of All Political Prisoners in Egypt 08 January 2019
Rare Quran Manuscript Returned to Egypt 07 January 2019
Egypt police kill 19 terror suspects linked to recent attack on Coptic Christians 05 November 2018
Gunmen in Egypt attack bus carrying Christians, killing at least 8 and wounding 13 04 November 2018
52 suspected militants killed in Sinai, says Egypt army 09 October 2018
Egypt's police kill 12 suspected terrorists in northern Sinai: Ministry 13 August 2018
Egyptian military says 52 militants killed in Sina 06 August 2018
Blind girl memorizes Quran despite cancer 17 July 2018
Egypt says security forces kill 11 militants in Sinai 12 July 2018
Egyptian calligraphing world’s largest Quran 05 May 2018
Sheikh Hassan Shehata martyrdom anniversary on Mid-Shabaan 03 May 2018
Egypt military says 36 Daesh terrorists killed in Sinai clashes 20 March 2018


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