Title Published Date
Harassment against Female political prisoners in Bahrain continue 19 July 2018
Bahraini detainee severely beaten, faces continued harassment 17 July 2018
Bahrain court upholds jail sentence for 3 dissidents 12 July 2018
SRW:Bahrain expands anti-Shia laws 10 July 2018
Bahraini regime forces raided over 59 houses, detained 42 activists in June: Monitor 03 July 2018
Bahraini court jails three dissidents, strips them of citizenship 27 June 2018
Bahrain court gives life sentences to three dissidents, jails nine others 26 June 2018
3 Shia Bahraini clerics sentenced to death, 8 others to life imprisonment 18 June 2018
Bahraini security authorities refrain from revealing information about 2 women arrested since onset of Ramadan 15 June 2018
Bahrain king signs off on law banning opposition figures from running in elections 12 June 2018
Activists voice concern over incommunicado detention of Bahraini Shia youth 10 June 2018
Bahraini courts give prison sentences to dozen anti-regime activists 04 June 2018
6 more activists get life sentence in Bahrain 02 June 2018
Bahrain court gives life sentence to nearly dozen dissidents 31 May 2018
Activists call on Bahrain regime to allow two arbitrarily jailed Shia women access to lawyers & families 29 May 2018
Citizenship of 732 Bahrainis Revoked Since 2012 24 May 2018
Bahrain upholds death sentences against two activists, nine others see their citizenship revoked 22 May 2018
Amnesty International: Citizenship revocation of 115 Bahrainis “ludicrous” 20 May 2018
Bahraini court jails 115 Shia activists, revokes their citizenship 16 May 2018
Bahraini forces detain another Shia youth 13 May 2018

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