Title Published Date
Solidarity campaign with 12 political prisoners under death penalty in Bahrain 10 September 2020
Amnesty International condemns the sectarian restrictions against Shias in Bahrain's prisons 05 September 2020
Bahraini authorities continue to attack the Ashura ceremonies 25 August 2020
Bahraini streets crowded with mourning processions for Imam Hussein despite the authorities' refusal 23 August 2020
Bahrain's places of mourning confirm their readiness to receive Ashura while adhering to health protocols 20 August 2020
Bahrain threatens with imprisonment and a fine for those who establish mourning ceremonies on Ashura 11 August 2020
Bahrain upholds 3-year prison sentence for six citizens 09 August 2020
Shia cleric arrested upon his arrival at Bahrain airport 06 August 2020
French Parliamentarians call on Bahrain to halt execution orders against activists 28 July 2020
Shia Rights Watch: The risk of racial discrimination in Bahrain makes it imperative to establish an international court to sentence the accused politically 16 July 2020
Bahrain’s high court upholds death sentence against two pro-democracy activists 14 July 2020
European MP condemns death sentences issued in Bahrain 11 July 2020
Human rights organization criticizes Italy on human rights in Bahrain 07 July 2020
Jaw Prison: 66 Bahraini prisoners with hepatitis C without treatment 28 June 2020
Detainees attacked and prevented them from reviving the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Sadiq in Bahrain 20 June 2020
Amnesty International: Bahrain supported the execution of two young men despite their confessions under torture 17 June 2020
International organization: Bahrain encourages a culture of impunity 16 June 2020
Bahrain: Prominent Activist Nabeel Rajab Freed from Prison 11 June 2020
Organizations call on the Bahraini regime to release detainees because of Coronavirus 03 June 2020
Suspicions of infection of 15 police officers with the coronavirus at Jaw prison in Bahrain 18 May 2020


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