Title Published Date
UN calls for ending tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan 23 July 2020
World Nonviolence Organization calls on the authorities of Armenia and Azerbaijan to spare their peoples the scourge of war 20 July 2020
Grand Ayatollah Shirazi recommends young people from Azerbaijan to have good manners with everyone 24 November 2019
Baku Mosque reopened after Restoration 24 October 2018
Azerbaijan’s smallest copy of Quran in Ganja Museum + Photos 24 April 2018
Shia Muslims mourn martyrdom anniversary of Eighth Imam 20 November 2017
Azerbaijani visitor rides his bicycle to Karbala 10 October 2017
Azerbaijani painter writes Quran on transparent silk pages 24 November 2016
Al-Zahraa Satellite Channel begins broadcasting with new management team 07 November 2016
National Library displays ancient editions of Holy Quran 20 March 2016
President Ilham Aliyev visits Imamzade religious complex 20 February 2016
Cameras to be installed in mosques to monitor Muslims 11 February 2016
Police in Azerbaijan prevents Shia Muslims from visiting Lady Raheema Khatoun Holy Shrine 30 January 2016
Shia Rights Watch denounces Azerbaijan dangerous acts against Shia civilians 20 December 2015
Azerbaijan launches crackdown on Shia Muslims 02 December 2015
Azerbaijan police killed four Shia worshipers in fresh wave of crackdown 28 November 2015
Baku hosts Ashura Youths conference 28 October 2015
Ali and Zahra, most popular names in Azerbaijan 06 July 2015
SRW releases its monthly report of anti-Shia violations 02 August 2014


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