Solidarity campaign with 12 political prisoners under death penalty in Bahrain

Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain launched a campaign of solidarity with 12 political prisoners in Bahrain.

The organization launched its campaign in both Arabic and English under the hashtag #EndDeathPenalty.

Activists from 10 European countries participated in the campaign, namely Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, and Belgium, as well as one Arab country, Lebanon.

Previously, the organization launched, in cooperation with the International Peace Bureau, a petition calling for an end to the execution of political prisoners in Bahrain in the middle of last month.

In a short video, activists from several European countries expressed their solidarity with those sentenced to death by participating in reading one message expressing the rejection of those rulings and calling for their release.

Twelve political prisoners in Bahrain are facing imminent risk of execution after final death sentences have been issued for them on a political basis, the last of whom were the two victims of torture, Muhammad Ramadan and Hussein Musa, who demanded the British Parliament to stop their execution and release them, and international appeals were launched from international parliaments and international human rights organizations for the same reason.

It is noteworthy that the Bahraini authorities executed five political detainees who were subjected to torture during the past three years, in light of the escalating international calls to stop the execution of political activists.


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