Death toll from the Beirut explosion reaches 100 with over 4000 wounded

The Lebanese Red Cross announced on Wednesday that the huge explosion at Beirut Port, which caused major damage to the neighboring neighborhoods in the city, killed more than one hundred people and wounded more than four thousand.

"So far, more than four thousand people have been wounded and more than a hundred have been killed," the Red Cross said in a statement, noting that its teams are still conducting search and rescue operations in the areas surrounding the explosion site.

The Lebanese capital has declared Wednesday a day of national mourning for victims of the explosion, which the American Institute of Geophysics said that its sensors recorded it as a 3.3-magnitude earthquake.

People from around the world are showing solidarity with Lebanon and offering aid to the victims. 

A security source said that the warehouse fire ignited a cache of 2750 tons of explosive ammonium nitrate – a highly explosive material.

The explosion occurred shortly after 6 pm Tuesday (15:00 GMT). The security source pointed out two successive explosions.


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