Al-Tabassam Foundation launches blood plasma donation campaign in holy city of Karbala


The Al-Tabassam Charitable foundation, affiliated with the Shirazi religious authority, in the holy city of Karbala, launched a new campaign called "Blood Plasma Donation Campaign" to save people living with the epidemic of corona.

The Foundation has collected blood plasma donations from hospitals from those recovered from Corona epidemic to deliver it to medical and health centers, including the Iraqi Blood Bank for the sake of fighting the epidemic, and through this campaign, it introduces the recovered donors to health and medical centers to accelerate the process of donating blood plasma.

It is reported that treatment with blood plasma (convalescence) is an experimental treatment used by some doctors for people with coronavirus (Covid 19), and the blood of people who have recovered from Covid 19 contains antibodies to the disease and are injected in those with the disease, which are proteins the body uses to fight the infection.





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