Bahraini court upholds prison sentence of Shia cleric for religious lecture

The Bahraini Court of Appeal upheld a one-year prison sentence for Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Mulla Atiyah al-Jamri for a religious lecture given earlier this year in which he presented the biography of Muawiyah Ibn Abi Sufyan, may Allah curse him.

Last February, the court sentenced Sheikh al-Jamri to one year in prison, after his arrest on January 23, 2020 pending the investigation, for delivering a sermon on a religious occasion.

The Sheikh was charged with assaulting “people of glory”, after he gave a speech in which he stated, "The history books are full of personalities of no value to humanity and morals such as Muawiyah and Bani Umayyad."

The authorities have launched a campaign of arrests and summonses against the clerics, which have escalated since the beginning of this year.


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