Jaw Prison: 66 Bahraini prisoners with hepatitis C without treatment

Social media networks have reported a list of 66 prisoners in Jaw Prison, Bahrain, who have hepatitis C and are undergoing health neglect.

According to the posts, the infected prisoners are isolated in Building 4 and subject to abuse by the prison director, Hisham al-Zayani.

The news mentioned that their small cells are overcrowded with 6 people, and that the National Institution ignores the complaints of the families who said that they contacted them without showing any interest.

Meanwhile, sources have confirmed the spread of skin diseases among prisoners, and the high number of people with infectious allergies without receiving appropriate treatment.

In this context, the director of the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy, Syed Ahmed al-Wadaei, described the numbers of skin patients in Jaw Prison as terrifying.

Al-Wadaei said in a series of tweets on his Twitter account that the number of the infected reached 127 out of 288 prisoners in Building 13, explaining that the building capacity is only 192.

Confirmed information indicated the absence of sterilization in buildings with infected prisoners, in addition to the health negligence that puts hundreds of lives at risk, especially with fears of the transmission of Coronavirus after confirming the infection of a number of police weeks ago.


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