Human Rights Council condemns the continuing violations against Muslims in Myanmar and calls for their end

The Human Rights Council condemned the continued violations of Myanmar Muslims, especially in Rakhine, Kassin and Shan provinces.

At the conclusion of the 43rd session of the Human Rights Council, held in Geneva on Monday, the Council directed the Myanmar military and security forces to immediately end the violence faced by Rohingya Muslims, as this is a violation of international law.

The statement issued by the Council expressed its deep concern due to the ongoing conflict in Rakhine, China and Kachin states between the Myanmar Army and the Arakan Army and other armed groups, the culture of impunity that exists between the security forces, the forced displacement of civilians and mass violations of human rights, calling for ensuring the safety of civilians, respect for international law and accountability for the perpetrators.

The resolution called on the Government of Myanmar, in accordance with the decision of the International Court of Justice of January 23, 2020 relating to the Rohingya, to take all measures to prevent genocide and punish the perpetrators, supporters and instigators of it, and ensure the protection of the human rights of all the population.


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