Dallas Billboard: ‘Find Jesus in Quran, Muhammad in Bible

A billboard up this month in Dallas is designed to encourage dialogue on the fundamental teachings of Islam.

The billboard on Interstate 45, southeast of downtown Dallas, features the message: "Find Jesus in the Quran, Muhammad in the Bible."


"The Muslim Jesus" campaign was launched by a Chicago-based group called GainPeace. The group does community outreach for the Islamic Circle of North America. Sabeel Ahmed is the executive director of GainPeace.

"Our main purpose is to build bridges, and to erase the misconceptions," Ahmed said. "We want to educate our fellow Americans, giving them an opportunity to look into Islam, to read about Islam through our website and billboards."

The goal of the billboard is to let the public know that Jesus is not only a part of Christianity, he is also a part of Islam. Ahmed said people in other faith traditions may have the misconception that Muslims don't believe in Jesus and the Virgin Mary. They want to address that.

"Jesus is mentioned with love and respect and honor more than 25 times in the Quran," Ahmed said. "Mary the mother of Jesus is likewise mentioned 32 times in the Quran."


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