Quran Interpretation Course planned in London

The Quran Institute in Whitechapel, London, will organize a Tafsir course featuring Surah Baqarah.

According to eventbrite.co.uk, the Quran Institute announced that the 10-week course aims to study the new module "The Preservation & Conveyance of The Quranic Message".

The course is ideal for students of knowledge and university students who would like to strengthen their knowledge of the major themes of the Quran. the educational program is an intimate introduction to the science of Tafsir (exegesis) via the Quran’s longest Surah, it said.

The participants will study the Quran in-depth, from the linguistic and literary excellence, word choice, word order and the triconsonantal roots to the thematic discussion in light of modern social sciences and contemporary problems Muslims face today.

The classes will be held on every Saturday from 4.45 pm to 6.00 pm local time, starting on September 7.

The Quran Institute’s aim is to help Muslim men and women from all backgrounds to navigate through the many challenges of contemporary life from Deen to Dawa while remaining faithful to the tradition Islamic sciences and practices.


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